Who We Are

WEB3 is a Digital Marketing Group.

Founded in 2006, we specialize in Advanced Digital Marketing Solutions
utilizing sophisticated methods, data-science and cutting-edge technologies.
WEB3 goes wherever you go. Anywhere and everywhere.
We operate on all screens and across the globe.
Ever learning and ever-experimenting, we are driven by innovation in all we do.




WEB3 is founded


WEB3 co-founds Positive Mobile


WEB3 founds Maple


The group becomes a Facebook preferred marketing developer, Google's Premiere partner and Yahoo's regional reseller


WEB3 grows across the globe, expanding to 7 new markets


WEB3 acquires Ad-Topia and MTN


Positive Mobile is a top tier media and technology company serving Fortune 500 brands and global advertisers. Positive Mobile’s RapidV™ mobile video advertising platform is fully programmatic and is built to meet the diverse needs of advertisers, trading desks, media agencies and publishers
Maple is a marketing performance company. Maple generates leads, deposits or any other action, using O&O media and data assets, Social, Native, E0Marketing, Search, Programmatic, Display and Video
Ad-Topia is a mobile performance marketing network serving customized campaign solutions in the global mobile web. Based on state-of-the-art technology, amassed know-how and extensive experience, Ad-Topia offers campaign management and monetization expertise for mobile advertising and web and application traffic.
InReach is a sales intelligence platform that is built to boost sales conversion. This invaluable information empowers sales reps with lifelike personal insights, increases conversion rates and helps establish a close bond with future customers.
ChatDynamo answers the growing call for chatbots, distributing to brands and consumers. Chatbots are the next wave of digital media, harnessing AI to connect consumers to brands.



Shai joined WEB3 in 2008, following his success as VP of Business Development and Marketing and E-Banking at Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest bank. Shai manages WEB3’s global activities and leads business development.
Shai holds a BA in Economics from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia, Israel.


A self-proclaimed non-conformist, Shahaf thrives on innovation and infuses his “out-of-the-box” thinking into WEB3, which he co-founded in 2006. Using strategy skills honed in the defense industry, Shahaf grew WEB3 from a two-person operation to a multi-national company operating in 15 countries in just 7 years.
Today, Shahaf heads WEB3’s strategy, new venture development and executive team.
Shahaf graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University, where he studied Biotech and Economics.

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