At WEB3, we live and breathe video. We help bring the right ad content to the right users, on all devices,

while generating maximum engagement and viewability.

WEB3 video solution for publishers:

  • If you already have video content on your site (any video, YouTube included) – we can boost your views and create more $$$ for you
  • If you don’t have video content on your website, we can create unique videos, especially design for Google TrueView Video Ads and can serve many other formats of ads
  • No impressions are lost! We use a variety of unique monetization solutions designed for advertising platforms like Facebook and Google AdX. We can outbid our competitors any time of the day!

WEB3 video solution for Advertisers:

Domain targeting is so 2016. Move from channel-focused to audience-centric targeting strategies designed to drive prospects to engage with your brand in the most effective way. Integrated with over 10 audience-targeting technologies, we can reach your audience no matter what tools you are using to target it. Our Premium Publisher’s Network includes some of the leading sites in each IAB category.

• With WEB3’s video solutions for advertisers you can achieve:

  • Access to exclusive video traffic
  • Deep audience targeting
  • Scale
  • Geomarketing opportunities
  • S2S integrations with ALL the video SSPs
  • Safe clean inventory being filtered by all the main vendors (Moat, WhiteOps, Double Verify, IAS and our proprietary solution)
  • Video player sizes for each budget