WEB3’s extensive global network of direct publishers, websites and applications will expose your campaign to a worldwide audience.

We provide a comprehensive, high quality, and scalable display solutions for brands, advertisers, trading desks and media agencies. Our display advertising experts optimize your campaigns across a variety of media sources to maximize your ROI.

Working with WEB3 gives you:

Quality media

We offer our advertiser’s quality media campaigns designed for desktop, mobile web and mobile applications through a winning combination of O&O sites, exclusive direct sites, and traffic from trusted partners.

Brand safety

We make sure you get a fully transparent, brand-safe advertising campaigns, with high viewability. Our technology enables you to manage white and black lists efficiently and effectively for any scale of traffic.


WEB3 will maximize your ROI by using unique optimization techniques to accurately target your audience.

We offer specific targeting of Domain lists and RON with macros to ensure the best results.

Pick a category channel such as news, entertainment, sports etc., or pick publishers on a site by site basis. Deliver relevant ads to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Every campaign is set with different targeting tools such as categories, segmented audiences, contextual, operating systems, browsers and more


A dedicated analyst will handle your account while providing whatever support you need to achieve and exceed your advertising goals.

Together, we will frequently analyze and adapt to the ever-changing campaign requirements.


At WEB3, we put emphasis on brand safety and quality control. That is why we developed an in-house proprietary technology filter for all media, to make sure we give our partners only the best.