Introducing the future of
lead generation with our unique
set of services to empower your
sales, beginning with lead
generation and taking you all the
way to direct-sales.

Our direct sales services:
The experience we’ve gained through all our performance activities worldwide enables us to excel in providing full blown marketing products to our clients.

With our own comprehensive digital sales solution and our proprietary and segmented data, we take users all the way from ‘first click’ to the sealed deal.

Lead gen
Validating potential customers to match your requirements, so all you need to do is give them a call and close the deal!

Let us set meetings with potential customers for you. When you meet them face to face, you know best how to “bring it home”.

If you don’t have an inhouse sales division, we can contact customers for you, sell your services and finally schedule the time and place.

Efrat Kalina

Performance has always been the heart of WEB3’s activity. We’ve been developing and operating sales methods for the over a decade to reach the highest professional level possible. Today more than ever, the bottom line sets the tone. Our experienced team will help you identify your needs and define the right KPIs in order to get new clients for your business.