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We welcome publishers and
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trading quality online media that in
turn will benefit brands and other
parties worldwide.

Our team of experts specializes in advanced digital marketing solutions, utilizing proprietary methods, data-science and cutting-edge technologies.

We offer our clients a complete video and display media planning and buying solution.

Media buying execution
Media plan execution through the most effective channels: Social, Programmatic, Native & direct publishers.

Audience building and analysis using WEB3’s bidding algorithms.

Providing full transparency via a customized client dashboard.

Catherine Drey

Since Programmatic Technologies became a part of our industry, we have been given the opportunity to exercise our professionalism to its fullest. We developed inhouse technologies of machine learning in order to provide scalable and efficient advertising campaigns for our clients.
Not long ago programmatic was still prone to human errors and misunderstandings, but now it relies on advanced technology, which removes all friction.