WEB3 is dedicated to delivering our publishers state-of-the-art monetization tools for mobile and web.
Our publishers enjoy innovative, multi-channel, cross-device marketing technologies and savvy advertising solutions.
Users benefit from a seamless ad experience. We prioritize brand safety and are tirelessly developing technologies to protect our clients’ assets.
WEB3 prides itself on its quality digital media inventory, professionality, and its ability to offer the most lucrative paths to maximize your inventory yield.


  • Anywhere - International demand – we monetize 100% of inventory
  • Everywhere – Cross-screen campaigns – Mobile web, Desktop, In-App
  • Everything - Variety of ad formats - Display, Video, Native, Rich Media


  • Proprietary yield optimization tools and Header Bidding
  • Advanced creative and brand safety tools
  • API and server-to-server integration


  • Simple onboarding
  • Professional support team
  • Creative quality control using cutting-edge tools
  • Unified and intuitive reporting

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